Peace, Love, and Bullsh*t

Disclaimer : This is an open letter to silent, white, “Spiritualists”, from a fellow “spiritual” white woman. I do not claim in any way to be an expert on the subject of racism in America, nor do I speak for anyone other than myself and my small circle with whom I’ve discussed this subject at length. Be advised that comments that are racist or racially gaslighting will be summarily blocked and ignored.

Dear Spiritually “woke” white people,

You are not invisible. We see you. We see you on social media as you post whitewashed Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes as the world burns around us. We see you as you vaguely *mumble* about how Ghandi (who uhhh.. was actually a rather problematic, racist human being, and not at all the “love and light” messiah he’s painted as) and MLK,jr achieved their ends through “non-violence” and how “love is the answer” (and then quickly resume your usual rainbows and unicorns fluff posts). We see the quiet – almost silent – comments about how “we are all one”. This is a facet of a spiritual bypassing, and it is garbage.

Worse yet, we see as you carry on entirely and completely  without any reaction at all. We see the lack of any effort to speak up for our Black brothers and sisters. We hear the deafening silence – it speaks loud and clear. And what your silence says to us, is that your comfort, your “love and light”, your “I don’t see color”, your  “good vibes only” privileged bubble is more important than the actual LIVES of other human beings.  We get it. Your FEELINGS feelings matter more, your expensive crystals, your yoga, and your whitewashed “peace” and “light” matters more than the existence of another person’s. entire. life.

Let that sink in. Sit with that discomfort. Sit with the anger you feel towards me right now. Because I promise you, it is not ONE HUNDREDTH of a percentage of the pain and rage that Black, brown and Indigenous people feel right now, and have felt for literal *decades* (More like centuries). Your privilege is showing.

Your silence is loud, and it’s telling me, as an equally privileged white woman who is attempting, poorly, and with the only words she has, to be an ally, where I will NOT be investing my attention, my money, and my energy. Because the reality is, we live in a capitalist society, and one of the ways I choose to use my privilege is in how I spend my money. So – I will not be buying your overpriced crystals, I will not be reposting your content, I will not be purchasing your classes, or leggings, or makeup. The money I have will be going towards Black, brown and Indigenous creators, as well as the allies I have seen actively unpacking their privilege, acknowledging that that work of anti-racism is life long, assisting and amplifying Black voices, and sharing actual, actionable links and resources on how to help.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

I am SICK of watching evil triumph. I am disgusted watching racism and bigotry gallop through our society and make a mockery of our humanity. So PLEASE, fellow white people – speak up. Speak out. LISTEN. Research. Just – please – SAY SOMETHING.

I understand the fear. I understand the concern that my voice as a white person will be seen as virtue signaling. I understand not “having the words” – BOYYYY do I understand not having the words. This post has sat in my drafts folder for far, far, longer than I remotely care to admit while I edited and re-wrote and fussed and fought to make sure my words were…right. I’m still terrified that my words might hurt more than help. BUT – THIS. IS. NOT. ABOUT. ME. – OR YOU.

This is about the fact that racism is not only stealing actual lives, but futures as well. This is about the narrative of the “dangerous Black man”, about the adultifying of little Black girls, about redlining, about the literal buckets of white tears and racial gaslighting I’ve witnessed online – while every single Black parent I’ve spoken to has to have “the talk” about police brutality and racism with their preschool age children. This is about how NO ONE has the right to act as judge, jury, AND executioner for another human being, regardless of whether or not they are “complying” with a person in authority. This is about the THOUSANDS of first person reports of police brutality during the BLM protests, while an ACTUAL coup on our government was met with selfies and being “walked out”.

And before I get the comments about how “righteous” I think I am – No. I am not. In 2014, when Michael Brown Jr., was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, I was silent. I argued privately with my then – husband about the “riots”, but I didn’t say anything publicly. I have DEFINITELY posted some sketchy quotes about “togetherness”. I have absolutely lived in my own, privileged, fluffy bubble, said the words “reverse racism”, and appropriated black culture without even realizing. It has taken me far, far, longer than I’m comfortable with to get to the place I am now, where I’m enraged, and fed up, and able to look beyond myself and my small little world view to be one small voice speaking up and saying “no more”. And I do this with the full knowledge that what I am doing, what I am saying, is the BARE MINIMUM, does NOT qualify me for a “not a racist” free pass, and does not absolve the past mistakes I have made, nor does it mean I “deserve” any kind of a “thank you”.

So – how long is it going to take YOU?

For those of your still here with me, below are some links to more anti-racism information and content, creators, and articles, that have helped me unpack my white fragility, privilege, and yes, racism. Let’s do better, all of us, together. THAT’s the kind of peace and love “togetherness” I can proudly get behind.